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PT. Karya Paduyasa (Jawa Tengah, Indonesia)

PT Karya Paduyasa is a company that produces Hydrant Water, Heavy Equipment & Automotive Component and make and repair agricultural machinery and the processing of agricultural products. PT Karya Paduyasa established date. 8 April 1964 under the name Karya Yasa. At the beginning of standing, engaged in the manufacture of textile machinery engineering, food processing machines (machines vermicelli, vermicelli, noodles). Until now growing and start th. 1987 makes Hydrant Water, by maintaining production of the hydrant and keep developing products earlier, the company develops industrial components for the heavy equipment industry (as suplyer large companies). The company also makes and develops Automotive components in the network after market. PT Karya Paduyasa until now create and develop products hydrant water, heavy equipment parts, automotive components, make and repair farm machinery and the processing of agricultural products and food. Besides, it also received a machinery repair services and receiving job machining services, namely the process of shearing, bending punching and welding. PT Karya Paduyasa always put QCDSM and try to continue to improve its business so as to exist in order to participate in national development.


Jl. Raya Kajen No. 6 - 7 Lebaksiu Tegal, Kel. Kajen, Kec. Lebaksiu Tegal 52461
Jawa Tengah , Indonesia


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